Sales & Marketing

King Group takes away the difficulties associated with the marketing and sale of properties for  developers and purchasers. Acting as a conduit between developers and purchasers, King Group  has a unique and extensive service offering that developers can leverage to achieve exceptional  sales results and improve the bottom line.

Unlike traditional real estate firms, King Group has built and established network of likeminded  accountants, financial advisors, finance brokers, real estate agents, and solicitors. King Group  packages up property specifically designed to meet the needs of property investors.

Marketing & Design Work – King Group work closely with clients to implement aggressive  marketing strategies that present a strong, clear vision for the future that articulates a brand the  audience can trust. In addition we offer reliable sales channels and tools to assist every aspect of  your marketing program.

Marketing Material – we offer total brand packages as well as managing the design and delivery  of every piece marketing material required, leaving developers to concentrate on their core  business.

Developer Starter Pack – Our comprehensive online Property report is our basic starter package  enabling property developers to showcase their project through our internet property portal in an  easy to view, quick and cost effective manner. The Property report will be available for our entire  Property Partner network and their clients. This comprehensive report is what our property  partners and their clients demand from us in order to satisfy their compliance and due diligence  before making an informed purchasing decision. Partners respond well when our projects are  supported with comprehensive, easy to understand research and investment data. We are able to  promote your projects to the right purchasers more simply and efficiently than ever before.

Contract Administration – This service is specifically tailored towards property developers and  companies (both large and small) looking to either maximise the productivity of their existing staff  levels or to redistribute resources to more dollar cost productive activities.

Gain leverage without losing control of the sale process and outsource this specialised service to a  qualified and experienced Contract Administrator (CA). The role of the CA fills the void between  when a purchaser decides to buy and the successful Exchange/ Offer and Acceptance of the  Contract of Sale. The use of our highly skilled and dedicated CA team could be the difference  between converting or losing a sale.