The Acquisition of premium development sites is one of King Group’s core business activities. Our  team is able to capitalise on a strong network base, research skills, and our extensive knowledge  of local markets, to acquire development sites domestically and internationally.

King Group are consistently proactive when it comes to identifying, analysing and acquiring  premium development sites that all support development margins of 25% or more. This is a result  of our systems and procedures that assess the value of every potential development, in order to  be confident we are only offering superior investments to our clients. These procedures include:

Site Identification

  • Making regular contact with our network of industry professionals and real estate agents for new offerings.
  • Reviewing all relevant on market development sites or potential development sites for sale.
  • Analysing high growth areas and identifying off market opportunities to pursue.

Opportunity & Constraint Analysis

  • Investigation of all local and state authority planning controls.
  • Investigating essential infrastructure availability.
  • Identifying opportunities for planning amendments to increase project yields.

Yield Analysis

  • Establishing preliminary conceptual plans and projected development proposals.
  • Researching local property markets and determining expected sales prices.
  • Establishing project cost by engaging with relevant consultants.
  • Undertaking a comprehensive feasibility analysis.
  • Confirmation of potential development yield.

Comprehensive Due Diligence

  • Appointing external consultants to conduct a comprehensive analysis as a verification to our own projections.


  • Understanding our clients specific needs and investment objectives.
  • Presenting recommended investment opportunities that meet performance criteria.

We are extremely effective at investigating all  aspects of a development site, and are able to  provide our investors with access to a large scale  of investment opportunities, big or small, right  from raw sites, to DA approved.

To date King Group has established a high  priority on the Acquisition aspect of our business  and are committed to exceeding client  expectations in providing investment  opportunities with minimised risk and optimal  returns.